About The Gallery Of Miracles

Within the Gallery of Miracles are photographs of a miraculous nature, photographs that show another side of reality, a side of reality that cannot usually be verified by controlled, double-blind studies. This is more a place for the heart to open up, for the soul to get inspired. These photographs, to the best of our knowledge, are completely un-retouched. They have not been edited, either within a computer or a darkroom. We do not expect everyone to simply believe that the explanations proposed for these miracles are correct. Skepticism is encouraged. But remember, the original meaning of a skeptic is one who remains open to the possibilities, weighs the information in his or her mind, and finally comes to his or her own conclusions, based on the dictates of his or her own heart, mind, soul, and intellect. We welcome skeptics, but encourage you to remember that a skeptic is quite different from a cynic. To be inspired, to be in awe, to be prepared for God's invisible hand to work wonders... is to live fully, to heal fully, and to die happy.

You may note that this site contains many miracles involving Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian holy man who is Dr. Gersten's spiritual teacher. It is not nearly as important for you to know who Dr. Gersten worships as it is for you to know who you worship and how you can deepen your faith. Dr. Gersten has come to the conclusion, through his clinical work as well as research data, that he no longer can separate spiritual life from the practice of Medicine. The data is in on spirituality and prayer, and the results of decades of research show that prayer works. The Gersten Institute has taken this data to heart and encourages the spirituality of each patient, client or individual visiting this web site.

Most of all, the miracles you will see and read about in The Gallery of Miracles are intended to open each one of you to the possibility of bringing the miraculous into every day life. Believing in miracles inspires more miracles, of which the greatest miracle is profound, unconditional, divine love. A doctor's job is not merely to accurately diagnose and prescribe a medication. As the original Hippocratic Oath stated, a doctor's calling is a high calling, one that makes one humble, one that asks that God or the Absolute be the constant companion of the physician in his service to the wounded and ailing.

All things are possible. Incurable cancer can be cured, at least sometimes. AIDS patients have reverted to HIV negative status. You may not find the miracle you are looking for within these pages, put we hope that you will find inspiration that brings peace, love, courage and healing into your life.

We would like to hear from you and look forward to receiving your miraculous photographs
for consideration of placement on this site.