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During the Christmas Discourse, December 1996 in Prasanthi Nilayam, Sai Baba's ashram in Southern India, Sai Baba waved his hand and materialized a miniature Bible, the one seen in this photograph. Sai Baba indicated that this was a small version of a very old version of the Bible, written in Russian, and long lost for nearly 2,000 years.

Sai Baba indicated that this Bible had and has a number of book markers made of cloth, and that each one had a quote from some of the world's great religions. He indicated that none of the information in this Bible is present in the current Bible.

This very new yet very new Bible is in keeping with the history of the Bible. Prior to the year 321, there were many different gospels and many different thoughts about Jesus. In 321 King Constantine called the first Council of Nicea to figure out what would go in the Bible. Constantine was not a Christian, but knew that he needed to have the support of the Christians in order to solidify the Roman Empire. One of the most popular gospels in the first 300 years A.D. was the Gospel of Thomas, a gospel that "did not make the cut."

Constantine needed a view, a concept of Jesus that would empower himself. In 381, fifty years of debating ended and the Bible was officially canonized. There were two powerful forces and ideas discussed in those fifty years. One view, the view of Arius, was that Jesus was a man who, through great effort and spiritual practice, became God-like, in fact became God - or the Son of God. In this view, Jesus was seen as a model, a teacher, someone to emulate. It was the view of Arius that each of us has the right and privilege to a one-to-one relationship with Jesus and that we too can become more God-like by practicing what he taught and how he lived.

The opposing and winning point of view was that Jesus was a God, far removed from the normal, mortal man, that he was an immense symbol of power and authority. The advantage of this point of view for the early church was that one had to go to a higher authority in order to have contact with Jesus; one needed Popes and Priests. This idea suited Constantine well for it was in line with his ideas of power, authority and submission to the State.

Shortly before he died, Constantine asked to be Baptized and became a Christian just before he died.

There are many mysteries to the Bible, of which the materialized Bible by Sai Baba is one. It is also of great interest that in about 1950 an Egyptian farmer dug up a jar that, after much examination, proved to have fivty gospels of Jesus. After examination by Christian historians, anthropologists, and the like, some of these gospels were felt to be fake, and some legitmate. Among the legimate was a Gospel of Mary Magdalene, a brief four pages.

In time, the world must sort out the real Jesus,not the one who was the creation of politicians, but the one he really was.

This discourse was captured on video, along with the materialization, by James Redmond. You can look for it at http://www.saivideos.com. Look for the Christmas Discourse 1996. This particular tape is catalogued as E96S and can be found at http://www.saivideos.com/Catalog/video.html

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