This photograph of Sai Baba and the tiger skin involves a miracle Sai Baba performed early in his life, probably in his teens. This may well be the first miracle involving someone who did not live in Sai Baba's tiny village, Puttaparthi.

A hunter had shot and killed a tiger and was driving home when his car stalled near the Chitravathi River, which runs through Puttaparthi. The hunter could find no way to get his car to work. It wouldn't budge and the engine couldn't be started.

The driver of the car told the hunter that there was a lad in the village who was said to have miraculous powers. The hunter, in his frustration, sent the driver into Puttaparthi to find the miraculous young man.

When the teenage Sai Baba returned with the driver, he chastised the hunter and said, "What did this tiger ever do to you to deserve to be hunted down and killed? This tiger was a mother and you left her two cubs alone to fend for themselves. Go back and take care of the tiger cubs."

With that said, Sai Baba slapped the car and it was instantly fixed and ready to go. No doubt, the hunter's belief system had run into a different view of reality. He went back to the forest, found the tiger cubs and transported them to a zoo, where they could be well cared for.

Subsequently, he returned to Puttaparthi, gave Sai Baba the skin of the tiger he had killed, and swore he would never hunt again. That tiger skin and head is the one seen in this photograph.