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The date of the photo is April 15, 1991 around 5:15 p.m. at afternoon darshan (sight of a holy man). Luckily I had kept a journal that year, so I was able to look up the date and read what had happened. I had gone to afternoon darshan with some of my group members. As usual, we picked a line to stand in by random (or is anything really random?). The leader of that line chose chit 13, so we were the 3rd from the last row to go into the compound. Naturally we expected to have back row seats, as it was also a festival day and was very crowded. Even though we had line 13, we ended up in the front row. To quote now from my journal:

"A woman from London held her baby's face down to Sai Baba's feet. with her little baby She was laughing. It was a beautiful sight. Baba waited patiently, while all this chaos was going on at His feet. I got some photos, He was so close, but my camera wouldn't focus, so I don't know if they will come out or not.

When I came back to the U.S. and developed the film, I was as surprised as everyone else to see what was there! I was asked by many people for copies of this rainbow photo."

- Devotee of Sathya Sai Baba from San Diego, California, North County.

Note: "Since adding this photograph to The Gallery of Miracles Photographs, we have learned that the "rainbow effect" is a fairly common photographic accident or distortion. We leave it to the reader to make their own assessment.

What is almost as fascinating as the photograph is the way in which we discovered the story. I was speaking with a friend and asked her if she had visited The Gallery of Miracles. She said she had. I asked her if she had seen our latest photograph (at the time), the Rainbow picture. She said that she had, in fact, taken a "rainbow picture." I asked her to describe it, and after she had, I told her that it sounded like a different photograph than the one on this web site.

She called back later that day, after looking at the photo on this site, to tell me that she, in fact, was the person who had taken the picture. Small world." - Dennis Gersten, M.D.