Morning Darshan, April 22, 1997, at Kodaikanal - in the Southern Mountains of India - I sat waiting and watching with my fellow travellers from Australia. With me was a book I had written about my experiences of the spiritual in general, which had turned (with my growing knowledge) toward Sathya Sai Baba. Sai approached a member of our group and asked "How many?" There were 46 (some feel 48) in our group but Swami said - "Go."

Once on the verandah He allowed the 9 men and 9 women go into Interview, sending back the rest. But in doing this, showed His total understanding. He said there were only 40 in the group, not 46 (48). And later, we discussed this and realised it was correct. Only 40 came from Australia to India, together. 6 (or was it 8 ?) joined the rest at various places - some joining up with the main group 2 weeks after we arrived. Sai showed He knew how many were in the "group" excluding late comers.

In Interview, He spoke to each person as He always does. He had given us a talk which seemed to cover many issues we had in mind anyway - was He saving time ? He produced a ring for one of the group (Robin) then turned to me. He didn't ask the usual questions - "why have you come ?" or "what do you want ?" Instead, He asked me - "and what about you ?" I brought the book out from its hiding place and asked if He would bless and sign it for me.

He ushered me forward, flicking through the book, pausing here and there for a nod or short comment, then asked for a pen. Once signed, He toyed with my hands, squeezing them and the like, then in His usual fashion, while still holding my right hand, with His left, He rotated His right hand. At first I thought He was about to create some Vibhutti for me, as I had a major leg injury at the time, but under His down-turned palm, I saw a gold flash, which He closed His hand and caught. Opening His hand up again, there lay the ring in His palm. He took it to my left hand and placed it over the "wedding finger" then asked me what the 3 diamonds meant. I had read - and knew - the basic answer to this question. But instead, I couldn't hold back from saying - "one for each Sai." He said, "no, no, no - die mind." With this, He turned to the group and gave a short talk about how we must try to kill our minds of desires - die mind. But I was too engrossed looking and feeling the ring on my finger.

A number of amazing things have taken place around this ring. If the reader is interested in knowing more, then go to the following site, where the book is on line and free to all who wish to read it. - Graham Dodd or the mirror site if this is down -